Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business

Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business is a wholly-privately owned undergraduate college located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China, which provides formal undergraduate education and junior college education. Its predecessor was Zhongyuan University of Technology College of Information and Business (“College of Information and Business”), which was recognized by the Ministry of Education of the PRC (中華人民共和國教育部) as an independent college in December 2003. It has been transformed, as approved by the relevant government authorities in June 2020, from an independent college to a wholly-privately owned undergraduate college and was renamed as Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business. It has been our joint venture school since November 2007 and our wholly-owned subsidiary since July 2018.

Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business, educational philosophy is “to focus on service as the principle and employment as the guidance, use special characteristics to create brand and hope to develop with quality” (以服務為宗旨,以就業為導向,以特色創品牌,以質量謀發展). Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business has teaching buildings, administrative buildings, experimental training buildings, a library, gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor sports facilities and student dormitories, among other school facilities. For the 2015/2016, 2016/2017, 2017/2018 school years, the school had 4,726, 5,196 and 5,498 graduates, respectively, and their initial employment rates were 86.5%, 91.8% and 93.9%, respectively.

Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business has six key subject areas, comprising management, economics, engineering, arts, literature and law. The school has established three majors (mechanical manufacturing and automation, control theory and control engineering, and business management), which has become provincial level key construction disciplines, and two provincial level experimental teaching demonstration centers focusing on clothing and textile design and economic management. Among the available majors Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business currently offers, nine were designated as “provincial private higher education branded majors” and four were designated as the “pilot majors under the provincial comprehensive reform”. Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business currently has ten departments, including business, accounting, politics, law and media, foreign languages, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information technology, construction engineering, artistic design and basic principles. It offers 47 majors in the undergraduate program, including financial management, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, architecture and network engineering. In addition, the school offers 16 majors under the junior college program, including accounting, engineering cost, multimedia technology, and clothing and apparel design. Among the majors Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business offers, accounting, information management and information system, English, clothing and apparel design have been designated by the Henan Department of Education as “provincial advantage majors”, whereas several other majors, including financial management, 17 marketing, international economics and trade, have been recognized by the Henan Department of Education as “provincial specialty majors”. In addition to offering in-class courses under each of the majors, Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business provides students with practical training courses based on the school’s education orientation, professional training objectives and specifications.

Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business has launched in-depth cooperation with numerous enterprises and institutions in the PRC, which entails close school-enterprise collaboration that focuses on the development of applied technical talent through active participation in technical talent training through such enterprises. The school effectively utilizes the actual industry experiences of the enterprises to strengthen the concept of practical training so that students are able to learn effectively through task-based training mode that is oriented towards the real enterprise environment. This close school-enterprise collaboration has yielded the introduction of more than 20 applied technical courses, such as VBSE financial comprehensive training, ERP financial comprehensive training, securities trading practice simulation, service skill practice, logistics resource planning simulation training, ERP sandbox enterprise management simulation, marketing ERP sandbox simulation, social networking services training, securities technical analysis and basic professional literacy courses. As of December 31, 2018, Zhengzhou College of Economics and Business had established approximately 126 external practical training bases with third-party enterprises and institutions and eight on-campus training bases. In the 2017/2018 school year, 3,634 students have participated in these programs.